The word “dysphoria” has been used, misused, and even weaponized in the fight for and against trans rights, and has a complicated history.

This excerpt from – a resource for trans people – does a bit of explaining:

“The word dysphoria is used in general to describe discomfort, distress, or unease. For trans people, this kind of distress may be associated with our gender, our bodies, or how those around us perceive our gender, and so is often given the name ‘gender dysphoria’.

[…] The implication of this though has been the assumption that all trans people have had, or currently have, dysphoria, or that defines the trans experience. This is not true.

Dysphoria occurs for all sorts of reasons and for many different people.”

For more on that, here are a few real, anonymously submitted experiences.

10. “I stole a shirt.”

Kind of breaks my heart that something so small and simple could provide such comfort.

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9. “I’m too big.”

When things don’t feel quite right.

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8. “I fight back the urge to sing.”

That’s a shame – everybody loves a good voice.

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7. “I’m so anxious.”

I can only imagine.

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6. “Boys aren’t supposed to cry.”

Well first thing’s first, trans or cis we gotta get rid of that dumb mandate.

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5. “Stop shark week.”


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4. “I don’t want to be viewed as his girlfriend.”

Another important reminder of the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.

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3. “I want to break down.”

You’re stronger than I’ll probably ever have to be.

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2. “Even though I understand.”

Would you prefer handsome, handsome?

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1. “My boyfriend keeps talking…”

Sounds like a talk is in order.

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To all our trans brothers and sisters out there, we love you, and we hope it just gets better from here.

Have you had experiences like this?

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