For all the hype around the generational skirmishes between Boomers and Millennials that get so much attention while Gen Z looks on in confused nihilism, the age group that gets often overlooked is Gen X.

Where are they in all of this? Sensibly living their lives, probably. But they shouldn’t feel they can stay under the radar for too long in the age of the internet.

Gen X was born between 1980 and 1994, meaning at the time of publication they’re all in their early 40’s to mid 50’s, and as it turns out, Twitter has some questions about them.

Here are some tweet inquiries from younger folks, accompanied by my best attempt – as a millennial – to answer them.

12. Holes in the story

Answer: because it was once very fashionable and what was once in fashion is now funny, that is the law.

11. Take your shot

Answer: it’s a shot on a screen, they’re not technically wrong?

10. Get the boot

Answer: because that’s literally the proper term for it.

9. Tap out

Answer: because that’s how the settings on the phone come by default and they don’t want to take the time to figure out how to disable it and really it’s the phone manufacturer’s fault because WHY IS THAT STILL THE DEFAULT SETTING ON NEW PHONES?

8. Try again

Answer: computers used to require that. Simple enough.

7. Automated teller machine machine

Answer: because one time they hit the wrong buttons and screwed up their bank account and they ain’t going down that road again.

6. Holy shirt

Answer: because if you didn’t want people reading it, why are you wearing it?

5. Two hand touch

Answer: it might run away otherwise.

4. The juice is loose

Answer: because a full on Bloody Mary hurts their stomach now.

3. Digital digits

Answer: they’re saving their thumbs’ energy.

2. Wait for it

Answer: I have… no idea …

1. Spicy questions

Answer: because they’re trying to start a war and you’ve just fallen into their trap.

Again, I’m just a Millennial, I can’t speak on these things with true authority. But some mysteries may not be as deep as they seem.

What burning question do you have about another generation?

Ask it in the comments.