The internet can be a pretty handy place to sell stuff. But the words “can be” are doing some pretty heavy lifting there.

You say to yourself “I live in a pretty populated area, and I wanna sell off this thing I don’t need anymore for some cash. I could list it on eBay, but I really don’t want to wait around for days or weeks to sell it, nor do I want to mess with shipping. I’ll just stick it on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or something. It’ll be easy.”

And sometimes, it is. But sometimes, you gotta deal with nightmare buyers. Like these.

“Do you want the phone or not?”

At the time of writing, when the iPhone X is two full generations old, they’re still going for $500+.

“The lowest.”

Oh, ok, why didn’t you say so?

“Take it or I take you to court.”

My man, that’s not how courts work.

“It’s hard to sh*t on people with the web.”

If someone insists they can get the same thing cheaper somewhere else, but they don’t go to that place, they’re lying.

“I’m not a business, lady.”

The thing is listed for $2. Why is anybody getting upset about this?

“A fat personality.”

When you’ve only got one burn so you gotta learn to justify it.

“You’re having a laugh.”

What language are they even speaking?

4. It’s my cash and I want it now!

You really don’t understand how this works, do you?

How wonderful!

Weird how every single person trying to buy something frivolous on the internet also happens to be going through a rough time that very moment.

Cars for kids.

Depending on how good of shape the car is in, this might actually not be that awful of a trade…

If you’ve got stuff to sell online, best of luck to you. Hope you don’t get saddled with someone like this.

Do you have a story of a sale gone wrong?

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