When I was younger, I could basically never sleep.

Now that I’m not younger, I CAN sleep, but not at any of the times I’m supposed to be. So this Reddit thread hits home.

People who stay up to 2am, what do you do? from AskReddit

What do my fellow insomniacs busy themselves with during the wee small hours? Let’s find out.

1. Silent solitude.

Enjoy a few hours of silent solitude, on the Internet or reading a book or watching TV or doing laundry or other chores I didn’t get to earlier.

No one is bothering me for anything and the world is quiet.

– fatbabyotters_

2. The big difference.

For me, it’s not about what I do. I do what I usually would.

It’s about that silence and peace. Life is hard, a lot of pressure. At night, when everyone sleeps, I feel like the spotlight is off of me for a bit and just normal things are so much better.

– hk7109

3. Addicted to the night.

When I was a little kid and a teenager I loved late night tv, all those old shows, so cozy but I couldn’t wake up on time so in high school I flunked all my morning classes.

As an adult I edit my videos, play video games, look at bullsh*t on Reddit, just stupid sh*t

i get like 6 hours of sleep (not enough) and I just do it again the next day. Don’t know why, but I’m just addicted to the night, wish I wasn’t because lack of sleep sucks!

– feral_philosopher

4. The owls speak.

Oh I am so sorry to say that I am still awake at 2:00 A.M. It is 2:00 A.M. right now.

I am in my early 60s and drink coffee daily. I no longer sleep like I was 16 and that is something I regret although as a retired guy I could attempt it.

If I stay in bed until 11:00 A.M. I will be up until 3:00 A.M. I take naps during the day. My sleep is so messed up.

I tried to go to sleep before the 11:00 P.M. news but my laptop claims me, then it turns into 2:00 A.M. or later.

I have no truth to share, only my dark and quiet despair, the Owls speak to me around this time.

Thanks buddies.

– PantherBrewery

5. Sneakin’ around.

Watch the naked channel after my family is sleeping

– [deleted user]

6. Read it.

Browse random subs on reddit.

Kinda like randomly checking the fridge, but instead of food you checking for fresh content.

Plus I like a lot of top 10 videos on youtube

– LoweeLL

7. That special night feeling.

At 2 am my senses heighten.

I can feel every hair on my body and I can process every pixel on the screen.

My reflexes become faster than time itself, my brain starts doing calculations faster than my pc can, the universe unfolds all of its secrets to me…

so I watch anime and play more video games.

– ecnerwaL47

8. Bug off.

Whatever I feel like doing, because it’s 2am and I don’t have to deal with people bugging me.

– pushead2

9. Smoke up.

Read, snack (healthy snack if I can of course), Maybe some animal crossing or crash bandicoot on the PS4 remastered is also a fav, I listen to my favorite podcasts, and smoke a lot of weed.

– dirtyanne138

10. Typical introvert stuff.

Eat dinner. Continue to teach myself Japanese while I eat said dinner.

Mindlessly scroll the internet.

Read fanfiction.net when I want to read sh*tty stories. Read AO3 when I want to read slightly better stories.

Mindlessly scroll social media.

Y’know, the same stuff that every introverted, single, 20-something night owl does when left to their own devices.

– StrawberryBlackCat

11. A wild ride.

play Minecraft, watch anime, have mental breakdown, study, imagining fake scenarios with my crush, listen to music, read something from wattpad, cry, paint or draw, rearrangement.. You know everything i didn’t wanna do in day. I’m a f*cking wampire, ok? In day i sleep, in night i have a f*cking undiagnosed ADHD

– Em0Dude

12. The “Canadian girlfriend.”

Not till 2 AM but till around 5 AM, I’m a 17 years old dude from Argentina, and I have a girlfriend from Canada, so yeah, time zones do suck a lot, anyways, I mostly talk to my girlfriend at night, and sometimes she goes to sleep before me, so when that happens I just watch videos till I go to sleep, although recently I’ve been working on a Powerpoint I want to give her for Valentines day about what it was like for me to like her before we started dating, so yeah I’ve been adding stuff to it during the night after she went to sleep, which has been happening more often recently since she has school, but i’m on a summer break, so I can stay up late every day considering the fact that I wont have school till march.

– GamerBoy132104

13. The run-on.

text random mortals that i will most likely never meet on discord and watching cringe but its not cringe and then scroll through reddit and snapchat and hold a blank screen for half an hour at least 3 times and then put my phone to charge while grabbing my other phone to watch slightly improved content on there and then i try to sleep repeat.

– Anner_Halp_Fullstop

14. Just shush.

I do what I would normally do during the day, but I enjoy the quiet. I have several loud siblings, and also enjoy the better Wi-Fi connection while I’m the only one using it, instead of 6 people all using it for streaming, downloading, uploading, gaming, etc

– AnonBigTiddyGothGF

15. Cruzin’.

Late night internetting with no responsibilities is how it’s meant to be.

– evanc1411

One thing’s for sure – we all love to hang out on this here internet.

Are you a night owl? What do you do?

Tell us in the comments.