We live and we learn, and the things we learn are not always welcome.

The world can be a disappointing place, and who better to vent about that than this particular community on Reddit:

What’s the adult version of finding out Santa is not real? from AskReddit

What’s the grown up version of realizing presents aren’t magic?

Let’s find out what the internet had to say.

1. People are dumb.

Becoming aware of how wrong and uneducated most adults actually are.

– purplefernwaves

2. The color can leave.

I finally went to Universal Studios as an adult a few years back and found out the old Nickelodeon Studios building has been turned into a generic, gray building with no life behind it.

I was crushed.

– CySU

3. Evil exists.

People aren’t honest and some people are mean just to be cruel.

– RoboCat23

4. It happens quick.

Becoming an adult and having health problems like a sore back. I thought that only happened when your 50+…

– Chatnoiristhicc

5. Work is work.

Your company isn’t really your “family”

– SucksToYourAssmar3

6. Only human.

Finding out your parents are flawed humans

– wonderboyobe

7. That’s nuts!

Finding out that cashews aren’t actually a nut, but the dried stem of the cashew fruit.

I was 19 when I found out after I moved to Brazil, and it blew my mind

– vanielmage

8. Indifference.

The universe isn’t for you or against you.

It simply doesn’t care about you at all.

– Shipwreck_Kelly

9. What a spin!

Finding out that stripper poles spin in place, rather than the performer sliding around them.

– make_onions_cry

10. Lies hurt.

Finding out that your partner has been lying to you the entire time you’ve been together.

– Yeti-lover

11. They can go bad.

Your children are their own people, and even if you love them 110% and raise them the best you can, they can still grow up to be a deplorable and detestable person who does disgusting and horrible things to people.

Or to put it another way I could quote some Star Trek’s Jean Luc Picard.

“It is possible to commit no mistakes, and still lose. That is not weakness. That is Life.”

Bad things will be done to, and happen to, good people for no reason. Just as great and good things will be done to, and happen to, horrible people. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

– TheManRedeemed

12. What’s the goal of life?

There’s no win condition.

You get good grades and do well in sports, good military papers, get a degree, then a job, and so on and so forth. Put in effort, see results. Love, if you’re lucky.

One day you realize that life has started taking, not giving, that you’re on the down slope. Your efforts do not buy results, but respite.

And that the best you can hope for is to stave off the inevitable, and – when it comes – that the end will be merciful and not completely undignified.

– ThomasKlausen

13. The man gets the money.

Discovering that working you *ss off won’t make you rich and that you are just making someone else rich.

– vinilaa_

14. All wet.

Shower sex sucks

– Whig_Party

15. …dang it.

Those pills won’t make it bigger…

– jokemin

For every disappointment in life there’s a pleasant surprise, or I’d like to think so anyway. So don’t forget to be on the lookout for those as well!

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