I’ve got a question for you. And by you, I mean the entire internet. And by “I,” I mean this guy on Reddit:

If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do? from AskReddit

Brace yourself, because these answers are gonna be…mostly what you think they will.

1. Not wrong!

Walk awkwardly

– starglitter

2. Let’s get this bread.

See how much I can make on only fans in 24 hours it both takes care of all the weird sexual stuff and maybe my money issues for a bit

– ScreamingGoatVagina

3. If it lasts that long you’re supposed to call a doctor.

Learn how a b*ner feels for the next 24 hours.

– wolfssieg

4. Ok, Mr. Realism.

If I knew it wasn’t just for a day I’d wait at home, probably examining my new body.

If I didn’t knew it is only for a day I’d panic, then would try googling whether there are other with similar “symptoms”.

Eventually I’d still spend a day at home and the day after I’d think I start going crazy.

– vpetrychuk

5. An intriguing proposition.

Yoga pants. They look so comfortable.

And with nothing dangling or sticking it must be absolute bliss.

– 27pH

6. Don’t lose your shirt.

Walk around shirtless

– StuckInDreams

7. :/

Go for a walk at night, alone and not be terrified

– –smilz–

8. Aw, that’s sweet.

Hopefully my partner would be too, then we could make love and truly experience how it is for the other

– 5Min2MinNoodlMuscls

9. Body-switching, for science.

Assuming that we kept our relative condition and broader physical characteristics within reasonable deviations in accordance with the dimorphic biological differences, I’d see how much of my daily fitness regimen I could accomplish in my female frame, what, if any time differences there were, and what disparity in resistance training there were just for “science”.

I’d see how differently people actually treated me, if at all, just for the context.

I would then work extra hard to figure out my naughty bits just to understand how they differ from my dangling parts, and how arousal and simulation are different with the goal of notable increase in spousal satisfaction.

I’d learn stuff, it would be cool.

– youprobablydislikeme

10. Egad!

The same thing I do every day.

Try to take over the world.

– rikashiku

11. Spoilsport.

Go to sleep until the next day.

– SLCW718

12. …fair enough.

Send myself nudes

– rangerryda

13. How generous of you.

Let the homies f*ck

– PuroLlorandoCuh

14. Sounds fun!

Buddy, my bi guy *ss would get A LOT of d*ck

– RufusTheDeer

15. Always hydrate.

Drink water, water is important

– gamrtrex

OK so maybe that wasn’t exactly the font of wisdom and insight one might have hoped for on a question like this, but what do you expect? It’s Reddit.

What would you do if you switched sexes for 24 hours?

Tell us in the comments.