It’s fascinating and infuriating to think about how much money controls our lives. And spending a bunch of it on something you don’t NEED but that you WANT – it can feel like more than just treating yourself. It can feel like reversing that control. You make money do YOUR bidding, instead of you doing the bidding of the cash gods.

That’s why moments like the ones discussed in this Reddit thread are so special:

What was the highest waste of money that you don’t regret? from AskReddit

Here are a few of the best answers.

1. Maui wowee.

A quick 7 day trip to Maui in February a couple years ago with one of my teenage daughters, who happened to be free the same week I had off. Work was grinding me down and I needed a break.

My wife and the rest of the family couldn’t go, they were working or in school. The tickets were expensive, $850 each for bare-bones economy narrow rock hard seats, it was a 12 hour flight that was packed to the brim – I was getting bedsores by the time we arrived.

We rented snorkeling gear and a car, and spent every day from dawn to dusk snorkeling, sitting on the beaches and hiking in the mountains; we did the Hana road, the Seven Sacred Pools and the Haleakalā volcano national park at sunset, and took tons of photos. We ate spam musubi for breakfast, poke and somen noodles for lunch and loco moko for supper. Slept like babies with the windows open wide in the cool nighttime breezes.

The best way to blow $5,000 EVER. So much what I needed at that point in my life.

– videoismylife

2. The future is now.

My Litter Robot.

Yes, I spent $600 on a cat sh*tter, but my house never smells, I don’t have to scoop litter, and I only have to empty the drawer once a week.

Definitely worth it to me.

– tashalovescake

3. It’s an art.

Art work. Can I always afford it, no.

But my walls are full of orginal, 90% local art.

They make me happy to look at, I’m sure I made the artist happy too.

– porcelaindreaming

4. Get to the chopper!

$800 for a front seat helicopter tour of Kauai for me and my wife!

Totally worth it!

– LetUsBeginAnew

5. Have a seat.

My Couch. I moved out of my moms house last year (2019 so no covid) and I always wanted a good couch. I tested so much. I went to so many furniture stores. Looked at so many different models. And then choose mine. Its actually from Ikea. Three seats and long enough to let someone sleep on it. In a grey but I saw they were also having a black cover so I am thinking about getting that one. Extremely comfortable.

I wanted a couch where you could chill out and love how fluffy it is without losing the ability to sit on it. In some couches you are not able to lean on the back and still have a straight back. You can sit on the back board and the armrests. They are flat so you can also put a cup of tea on them. Its also not too low so you don’t feel like sitting on the ground (which I do strangely often compared to my love for this couch) but you can let yourself fall onto that damn thing! It also looks easy and simple.

So I don’t want the suggestion of someone who tried a LOT of couches and happens to be me then buy the Vimle couch from Ikea.

– ganzeinfachkiki

6. A mug for your mug.

I went to a Renaissance Fair with my husband and some friends. It was his first time, and he’s a pretty introverted person, so while he has fun watching everyone else dress up and act all goofy and old-timey, he doesn’t really participate.

When we went to buy our first beer, the wench tried to sell him on one of those big mugs that looks like it’s carved out of wood but it’s just plastic. It cost $100. Yes, you get free refills, but we were not planning on drinking $100 worth of beer that day. I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted it- he looked like a little kid at Disney World. Without thinking, I whipped out my credit card and dropped $100 on a sh*tty plastic mug.

All day, he walked around proudly with his mug. He even took some big gulps and cheered “huzzah” once or twice. This might not seem like much but for my quiet, gentle giant, it is huge. I manage the finances in our relationship and I am CONSTANTLY cracking down on wasteful spending, so I think we were both amazed I made such a dumb purchase. Four years later, we still have that mug. He gets a big grin every time he sees it and teases me about my irresponsible impulse. And every time I see it, I just think about how much I love that big galoot…

– PMbleh87

7. Vroom vroom.

Finally found the motorcycle I wanted years ago but could not get.

It was not running, but after around dumping $3,500 into it and doing a full frame up restoration and custom job on it. I have the bike I wanted years ago, but better. Yes I did everything myself, full paint job Tank frame fenders everything. I also did a full engine rebuild, remade the wiring harness, everything was all done in house.

So I put a touch over 3K into a bike that is only worth about $1,500. on a good day, but h*ll it is mine and I built it.

– Gundamsafety

8. Deep strategy.

I got into a stupid fight with my brother, so I found a game he had pledged on kickstarter (Space Haven) and saw that for 360 dollars I could write a premade character bio that would randomly show up.

So I pledged it and wrote a character bio with his name and made him a flaming *sshole. I have never played this game and don’t want to.

– libertyorwhatever

9. Feel the noise.

Stax headphones.

About $800 in 1987 but I still listen to them and they are unbelievably good.

– NightMgr

10. Eat well.

Dining at a Michelin starred restaurant in Milan.

We had an 18 course meal with wine pairings for like $400 or so.

– FridgesArePeopleToo

11. Shopping spree!

Back in 2017 my family went on a road trip to Minnesota to visit my nana shortly before she passed. During our stay me and my little sister went to the Mall of America and bought whatever the f*ck we wanted.

Big ice cream cones? Lego store souvenirs? Tickets to the aquarium? Fare for every indoor amusement park ride? A doll from the American Girl Store and eating an expensive lunch in the Store with your new doll sitting at the table with us? F*ck yeah little sis it’s all yours.

I dropped over $300 in that one mall trip but damn was it was one of our best shopping days ever, we still talk about it to this day.

– ThroughMyOwnEyes

12. On the run.

Just bought a treadmill. There is a perfectly good street outside I could run on, or I could pay for a gym membership for years and years.

BUT now I can get a run in during my daughter’s naptime, or when it’s cold, or when I only have 30 minutes free and driving to and from the gym would eat up half of my time.

I certainly could have made it work without this expense, but I really love it.

– DeweyBeatTruman

13. The gifts that keep on giving.

The summer after graduating high school, I won a decent amount of money playing online poker. Since I wasn’t going off to college and all of my friends were, I decided to buy them all ridiculous going away gifts. A carpet, mailbox, toilet seat etc. were among the gifts.

The most expensive and ridiculous gift I bought on a whim was a massive wheel of cheese, somewhere between $200-300. Little did I know at the time, that cheese wheel would set off a yearly event called “Cheesegiving” where our entire (much larger now with spouses and kids) friend group gets together to celebrate and partake in cheesy goodness.

This year was our 17th (unfortunately all virtual due to covid) and I genuinely hope it never ends!

– Bbutton21

14. Get it out.

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer (a year after my dad died unexpectedly…from cancer) I went to the animal aid thrift shop, bought a bunch of odd dishes, put down a drop cloth, and threw them at my house while screaming bloody murder.

I don’t regret one second of that temper tantrum or one dime I spent to make it happen. I eventually made a couple of beautiful mosaics out of the pieces.

And my mom is 6 months cancer free.

– TooYoungToMary

15. Retail price (if available) $499.

Lego Death Star

– Stefan_Tries

Of course we wanna be responsible, but we gotta splurge every once in a while too.

What’s your big purchase you don’t regret?

Tell us in the comments.