According to Google’s book ngram program, the word “Bridezilla” first emerged in the early 90’s, then really started to take off in 2004 when a reality show of the same name hit the scene.

It’s defined as “a woman whose behavior in planning her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.”

As the reality show’s 13 season history can attest, we sure are entertained watching it. But what about the reality behind the people experiencing these things?

Guys who married Bridezillas- what happened after the wedding? from AskReddit

Leave it to Reddit to provide thousands of compelling stories on the topic.

Here are ten eye popping stories!

1. Who’s the real ‘zilla?

I was called the bridezilla. After getting back with my ex boyfriend I broke up with from high school, his parents got into his head that he should propose. His parents got married at the age of 19 and they thought that since we’re 19 we should follow in their footsteps. We were only back together for over 1 month at that point. (Nothing against anyone that married young or married suddenly.) He proposed, I was excited because this is suppose to be an important moment in my life and I can plan the beautiful wedding I always dreamed of.

I immediately started to look at venues since we had 10 months to plan. His mom complained to everyone behind my back that I was planning too soon. His family are strict Catholics so when I said I didn’t want to have a mass for our wedding, they made sure the priest talked to me to convince me to change my mind. When I planned to go wedding dress shopping, she complained again about how I was doing it too soon (8 months out from the wedding), and then she brought some of her kids without asking me. On top of that, I invited a mutual friend of ours, and I got a text from that friend on my way to the bridal shop asking if she could bring her kids, because my fiancé’s mom told her to. His mom also got mad at me for not including all (7) of her daughters in the wedding party. Whenever I tried to plan wedding stuff with my fiancé he “couldn’t handle it” because planning the proposal took too much energy out of him. That lasted a few months.

Whenever his family tried controlling the wedding, I got bothered because they were planning around themselves. They said that this isn’t about me and my fiancé, it’s about their family. Because their family is a “big deal” and this wedding was about them. Overall, they called me bridezilla to my face multiple times because I didn’t like how they were controlling my wedding. Within those few months I remembered why I broke up with my fiancé the first time. So I broke up with him again. F that.

– Mountain_0317

2. A MILstone around your neck.

Not a bridezilla, but a MILzilla.

Wife wanted a regular sized wedding, nothing fancy, at a historic venue she loved. We had planned for about 100 guests at most, and we would do a lot of the work. MIL started to pressure about having to invite tons of people (in laws are loaded and social butterflies), change the venue, change the photographer, etc. I didn’t give a sh*t since it was all to make my wife happy, and did my best to adjust. Finally one day about 2 months before the wedding my wife had a breakdown crying because of all the changes and bullsh*t from MIL.

Told wife I would handle MIL from now on. Called MIL and read her the riot act and told her to cool her sh*t or we would just get a courtroom wedding and forget about the religious wedding (huge deal to the family) She fought me for weeks. FIL fought me. BIL’s fought me. Told them all to pound sand. We had our original wedding. I was folding invitations and favors the night before until 3am, but by f*ck we got it done.

Of course, MIl still changed the DJ and photographers without me noticing, so we had completely wrong music, and we have yet to see the pictures (16 years later) and we have minimal contact with the family.

– Gnomelover

3. A top ten list.

My coworker married a crazy bridezilla. I’ll try to just just hit the bullet points of what happened leading up to, during, and after the wedding, but it’s still a lot.

• The moment he proposed she lost her sex drive. According to him she also basically stopped acting like the woman he fell in love with and started acting like her real self. Which was batsh*t crazy.

• A week after he proposed she quit her job because her full-time job was now planning the wedding. The wedding was horrible, I’m getting there.

• She had a fight with his mother because the bride demanded the groom’s mom pay for half the wedding but get zero input and wasn’t allowed to contribute to the guest list, which was 95% the bride’s friends and family.

• Bride, who was 30 years old, subsequently egged her future MIL’s house.

• When bride and groom had a spat about the egging, he went to the work the next day and she shaved her head and sent him video of her screaming and sobbing as she buzzed her hair off in the bathroom. I worked with him, he showed me the video when he said he had to leave, and I strongly urged him to have her assessed by a psychiatrist. He made a dumb joke about sexy with a crazy girl is the best kind and I pitied him.

• Wedding was in a pool “clubhouse” in summer, it was much too small for the 150+ people the invited. Someone forgot to turn the AC on until after the place was packed. A lifeguard showed up in a swimsuit to turn it on, but it did little given it was already sweltering.

• Two rows of chairs in the clubhouse were ribboned off with ‘reserved’ signs on them, so no one sat in them. They were later occupied by the 6 seated bridesmaids (leaving about a dozen chairs open once the wedding started. The one groomsman stood by the groom and didn’t sit. Elderly people were left standing or reduced to sitting on the floor as there was no way to get to the chairs once the ceremony started.

• Bride showed up 90 minutes late, having been unhappy with her hair (wig?) and makeup so she took it all off and did it herself, so all the guests are standing for the 1.5 hours waiting for her. Groom was literally standing at the altar sweating his *ss off in a wool suit in the South’s high summer, and was clearly not sure if she would show up. He looked like he felt sick.

• When bride showed up she burst into the clubhouse, marched down the aisle and snapped at the officiant ” to “hurry up and get started.”

• During the prayer while the religious groom had his head bowed she turned to wave at everyone (I don’t pray so I was looking up), then she told her mother to go get her some water.

• She drank a bottle of water during the prayer and kept grinning and waving at people in attendance, paying zero mind to her groom in front of her.

– gambitgrl

4. Holy crap…

I have performed a few ceremonies that came about because things fell through for whatever reason. Only one of which I had to walk away from.

I had received a call from my SIL that one of her friends was supposed to get married and the priest had passed away the week before. They didn’t want to change the date and move anything, so they had asked if she knew anyone who could help out. I said sure, when is the wedding? It was supposed to be in an hour. Ok, I was on my way home from work where I had finished up an important meeting (I miss meeting in person) and was reasonably well dressed, so I called home to say I was going to be late.

When I arrived, the “happy couple” had looked at me and asked if I had proper priests vestments. …Um, no, I don’t, and if I did, I would probably not be carrying them in my car. The bride had asked if I was able to go buy some and come back. I told her that I wouldn’t begin to know where to buy something like that. The groom then told me that if I can’t even try, then maybe I should leave. I did. My SIL told me they cornered a priest at the church and told him he had to marry them or they would sue the church for a breech of contract and that it was the moral thing to do.

They divorced 9 months later when her “surprise” baby was a different ethnicity than he was. Didn’t help that he had a side piece as well.

– JuggleMonkey

5. A joint venture.

My mom was a mother-of-the-bride-zilla. She’s an alright lady generally, with her annoying habits here and there — but dayum.

Woman cried because we refused to have a receiving line…. we got married in our backyard. The reception was on the other side of the yard. Why the sh*t would we have a receiving line?

She was beside herself for the better part of an entire year worrying what we would do if it rained (we had a giant tent, and ordered like 20 umbrellas).

She also had a cow that the hem on her dress had gotten pulled loose by the ridiculous rhinestone stilettos she chose to wear (to a wedding in a yard… on grass…) I told my MOH to get her some duct tape and my mother, again, cried her eyes out.

To this day she complains about the fabric runner we used for the aisle because her heels dug into it – saying how silly of a choice that was; everyone in the wedding party was aware of it, and wore wedges or flats, but she snorted that that wasn’t elegant.

She LOATHED that I wore ballet flats. She was also appalled that for our rehearsal dinner, which was at our home, since that’s where our wedding was, consisted of takeout from our favorite local pizza and sandwich place and the rehearsal itself was all of 10 minutes. She decried it for being “borderline trashy.”

Thankfully following the ceremony my brother gave her a joint and all was well and happy for the party thereafter.

– februarytide-

6. An expensive affair.

A bit of a change up- not a Bridezilla, but a Groomzilla.

A friend of my father was remarrying, it was both his and the bride’s second time around, both in their early forties, and an arranged marriage (think Indian orthodox muslim stuff).

The guy was an utter groomzilla. He demanded that every event be at top notch hotels with obscenely expensive catering and hired string quartets and what not for the entertainment.

Mostly paid out of the bride’s family’s pocket, I might add. The parties on the nights leading up to the main wedding event were opportunity enough for him to make a rather public *ss of himself, talking at the top of his voice and showboating the entire time.

But the kicker came the next day, when the bride was missing from her own wedding’s reception. Obviously it was very odd and conspicuous, and the few relatives from her side made some noncommittal excuses about her not feeling well, etc.

Turns out, this f*cker had divorced the poor woman right after he’d had his wedding night fun. He said that he ‘didn’t like her enough’ (and that’s an almost literal quote). So he gave her the triple divorce thing, and that was it. The marriage was officially over before the festivities even ended.

– pqrsthrowawayyyyy

7. At least he kept the dog.

My cousin was married to one.

He comes from a very not wealthy area, and has become successful himself after moving out of his hometown. His wife was extremely wealthy, even could say excessively. They married after a year of knowing each other, and boy was it a surprise to hear about the wedding plans. They spent +250K on the wedding, including catering by 5-7 different restaurants. Their food was from different cultures and cooked in front of you (think almost hibachi buffet style).

They even had servers in tailed suits and white gloves serving taco bell after midnight once everyone was drunk. Once they got married, she was spending more money than he could make. She was getting mad because he wasn’t making enough, while she wasn’t working and they hadn’t had kids. They got divorced, and she gave him the ultimatum of getting his ring back or keeping the dog. He kept the dog. Her sister, a lawyer, helped her file a restraining order on him and they haven’t spoken since. F*ck her, but man did he dodge a bullet.

– Munsoon22

8. The list goes on…

My brother married a bridezilla.

She yelled at my mother the day of for asking her where she wanted certain decorations at the reception site (there wasn’t a written plan so my mom had nothing to go off of).

Never thanked my parents for financially contributing to the wedding.

Accused a bridesmaid of trying to upstage her by getting a spray tan before the wedding.

My brother wanted me to be in the wedding party but she told him to his face that I was too pretty to be in the wedding party and all of her bridesmaids had to be less attractive than her.

Stole my SIL jacket in the middle of the reception-literally took it off her back- because one of the bridesmaids was cold (it was a night reception in the spring, the girl should’ve brought a jacket).

The list goes on.

Well they got divorced about a year later because apparently her demanding attitude carried over into the marriage. Needless to say, the rest of my family had a little party when we heard about the divorce.

– rootsinhell

9. Well, that’s the end of that.

My sister was a bridezilla.

She asked me to be her bridesmaid. The dresses were hundreds of dollars and my mom ended up paying for it because she knew I couldn’t afford it. 70 bucks in alterations later the stupid dress finally fit.

I lived in Edmonton at the time and my sister was in Abbotsford, BC (by Vancouver). She demanded I fly down for her bachelorette party. Fine. 300 dollar for a flight there and my bf drove out for the wedding and picked me up. 200 gas there, 200 back. The party was a week before the wedding so when I flew down I just stayed until the wedding. Stayed with my mom until my sister kicked me out on the night before her wedding.

Wanted a “special night” with her TWO maids of honor. I was the only just bridesmaid and therefore couldn’t be there.

During the bachelorette party I was told I needed to bring booze for myself and the bride. Fine. Went to the liquor store and she ran up 100 bucks on my card with what she wanted. Whatever it’s her wedding. Proceeds to drink none of it, went to bed at the hotel early because she was p*ssy for some reason. Then gave my alcohol, all 100 bucks of it, to her husband for his bachelor party the next night. Okay fine.

Then she gets p*ssy my gift for them wasn’t off her registry. I looked at the registry and there was nothing under 200 bucks. B*tch even put a 900 dollar vacuum on there. Then has the balls to get angry that I was a bridesmaid and didn’t spend enough on her. All said and done HER stupid wedding cost ME over a thousand dollars and like I said my mom paid the 300 for my dress. She then didn’t speak to me for years after and only to tell me that she didn’t want me as a bridesmaid and I ruined her wedding.

That she only asked me out of courtesy and that the spot was actually meant for her wedding planner, our cousin. B*tch. Dunno if she’s happily married or not, we don’t keep in touch.

Her wedding ruined our relationship.

– tashabearr

10. Too hard on herself?

I was a bridezilla.

It was a small wedding, like 50 people, was going to be at a park, very casual. Everything was handmade or from the dollar store. I only ended up with a dress from a David’s because my first little boho dress i ordered was more of a shirt, so my mom and friends took me dress shopping.

My mom told the lady not to tell me any prices, but I told her under $200. I tried on one dress and cried because I loved it so much. My mom bought it, and I later looked it up and saw it was $3000. So that changed everything. No more wedding at a park. So we booked a small venue. We served pizza and pies still, and the groomsmen were still wearing polos and shorts. Bridesmaids were still in some Rue21 dresses I bought for them.

I only became a bridezilla the day of. None of my family I had invited showed up, so my husband’s side was full and mine was empty. Even our friends sat on his side. Our MC read the speech I wrote before we were even at the altar, our camera died so we didn’t get the recording, I tripped going up to the altar, I had herniated a disc a week before the wedding, so I was miserable and in so much pain. I cried so hard afterwards.

It felt like it was terrible. Like everything was ruined. I did my best to hold it together, but I was so relieved when it was over. If I could do it all over, I would change everything. Especially how I acted. None of that excuses my snippy behavior or my crying. Just because I was stressed and upset and hurting, doesn’t give me the right to make others feel bad.

– kiwiloden

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