You ever see that show Crossing Over with john Edward? It was really popular around the early 2000’s, though it probably shouldn’t have been.

In it, self-proclaimed psychic Edward would use a series of what are basically just parlor tricks to make it seem as though he was talking to the dead.


I’d be much more interested in a show with this premise, called STARTING Over with Random Redditors.

You die and the first thing you see in the afterlife are three buttons: "Next level", "Spectate" and "Restart". Which one do you press and why? from AskReddit

Restart seems like the way to go for me, and a bunch of people agreed:

1. What do you know?

If I could re-start knowing what I knew then, then restart. If not, then Next Level.

– TheSurveyor-01

2. A somber answer.

Restart. Hands down restart and not to avoid two divorces (the first one I wouldn’t be sitting here the dad of two awesome teenage boys.) Not to try again to make better choices or success. There is only one reason. A day at 19 still haunts me.

I was sitting around the house bored and broke and asked my mom if I could borrow $10 to go shoot some pool. She said why do t you call Ben y’all always have fun without spending money… I didn’t call Ben. Coroner determined he shot himself about 5 min after the convo I had with my mom. I should have called Ben.

It’s 20 years later almost. Ben was the warmest, nuttiest, most unique person I ever had the pleasure of calling friend. We grew up in boy scouts etc together. I miss Ben


– Goturnawrench

3. Play it safe.

Restart seems like the safest since spectate could be forever and next level could be hell

– BT9154

4. Practice makes perfect.

Assuming that this were to play out like a video game and I as the player can recall everything I learned from my previous play through, I would restart.

There are so many moments that I would change, so many stupid decisions that I would avoid making, so many people I wouldn’t even consider associating with.

It would alter the outcome of the rest of my life but I like to think I’d end up a better, wiser person for it.

– KosherNate

5. Only 26?

I just thought to myself: Restart because I didn’t capitalize on life to the fullest extent like I should’ve

… then just realized wait a second, it’s not over I am here and 26, I need to capitalize to the fullest extent before it’s too late!

– Evil_Pizz

6. A solid investment.

Restart. Invest in Bitcoin when it becomes a thing.

Then I’ll know to hold it until it hits 39K.

– TheGrayPerson

7. The good ol’ days.

I’m restarting. I refuse to be reborn into this bleak *ss looking future.

I’d rather go back and be a kid again in the 90 where it was fun and while it had its problems, at least it wasn’t a sh*t show of social media mush brains.

It was better when knew to just keep sh*t to ourselves. I turned 18 in 00 and sh*t has sucked hard since 06.

– Ang3l1ckD3m1n

8. Chillin’ like a villain.

“Restart” but play the bad guy next go-round.

– One_Star_Waitress

9. Aw, that’s sweet.

Sounds corny, but restart.

So I can meet my wife and daughter again for the first time.

– NaltedPog

10. Cherish it.

Probably restart. I wanna see my kids grow up again.

I’d never thought that I would love anything as much as I do them and yet here we are.

– JarodColdbreak

11. Strats.

Restarting the level means you know to save the health jars for after the first boss and that there’s not much ammo in Ravenholm.

Though all the dialogue options are the same

– TSM-

12. Questions answered.

Why would you possibly think you’d have no memory of it?

This is clearly being made as an analogy to video games, and in video games the entire reason why you’d restart a level is BECAUSE you know and remember what’s gonna happen.

There’s no logical way to conclude you wouldn’t your memories in this scenario.

– theinsanepotato

13. Simple as that.

Restart baby

– Catacomb82

14. Are we sure?

“Restart” strikes me as the worst option of the bunch. Given that I just completed the first level, pushing “restart” would almost certainly wipe my save clean, and start the whole thing over, erasing any memory I might want to save for future use.

Especially considering just how much of the game’s enjoyability depends on where you spawn, it seems like a bad idea to just start over from the beginning, because a bad spawn could severely limit what you can do.

– maleorderbride

15. What a rip off.

Sh*t, no button to send me back to the main menu and switch some settings around?

– ImaginexMovies

In all likelihood, we won’t get a chance to start over, so we better make the best of things now.

What option would you pick, and why?

Tell us in the comments.