Have you noticed more people asking you to imagine your card getting declined lately? Wondering what exactly the crap that means? Well, it’s Twitter shenanigans.

It’s a joke format that’s making its rounds on the platform and elsewhere, probably best summed up by the experts over at Know Your Meme:

“People imagine scenarios where a credit card gets declined at an unusual establishment, causing the staff of the establishment to undo the work they’ve already started in a creative way.”

That’s it. That’s the bit. And weirdly enough, it’s kind of hilarious. Here are thirteen examples of what the internet thinks might happen if your card got declined at these places in particular:

13. A brunch joint

White women everywhere will be devastated.

12. College

For real though, I’m still $11,000 in debt.

11. Conversion camp

(This is a funny joke but these places are real and horrible and should be illegal.)

10. A therapist’s office

Oh how the turntables…

9. A swimming pool

Money troubles? You get the bubbles.

8. The gym

Pack it all back on.

7. A funeral

Wait but shouldn’t they bring you back to life?

6. A piercing parlor

I don’t ever want to hear the term “ear meat” again, thank you.

5. The orthodontist

It was 100 degrees and the skyline looked like crooked teeth…

4. Spirit Halloween

This got real dark real quick.

3. KFC

The ultimate punishment.

2. The delivery room

Welcome to the world, now get out.

1. Daycare

Pretty sure they’d do the opposite, but OK.

Like all good Twitter memes, this too will soon pass. But I’m really enjoying it while it lasts.

What’s your favorite Twitter trend ever?

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