Hey quick question – what in the everloving heck is going on in Florida?

I know the whole “Florida man” thing is a meme, but the meme comes from real headlines, and every time I see one I’m like…is that place legit? Like, does it exist? I could swear I myself have been there multiple times, and yet…

I mean, look at these.

15. Money talks

Our government is working great, why do you ask?

14. Can you smell what we’re cookin?

It’s good to have your priorities straight.

Source: ABC News

13. The cheer squad

When you have no idea what’s happening but you wanna support your team.

12. Cut and dry

Well this changes EVERYTHING for me.

11. Have a seat

The kids are most definitely not alright.

10. Droning on

I appreciate the effort but I really need it IN the bathroom right now if you know what I’m sayin’.

Source: MSN

9. Irresistible

Chicken of the sea and of the land, fight.

8. Cool it

If you wanna keep being a dad of any description I’d suggest not doing this.

7. I am the night

I mean, I guess we can’t technically prove him wrong.

Source: KIRO 7

6. Getting high

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

5. “Weird primary”

And this was when we were just getting started.

4. Life’s a beach

I like that they gave him a mic.

Source: Fox 8

3. Bloody good time

Some people take the celebration of Passover very, very seriously.

Source: WAFF 48

2. The food chain

Maybe just stay out of the water, my dude.

Source: USA Today

1. Candles in the wind

Is this really the time for a vigil?

Source: WFLA Tampa

Florida, whether you’re really a state in the union or you’re just a myth, I salute you. Ya absolute weirdos.

What’s the strangest thing about where you live?

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