“Whoever dies with the most stuff wins” is a tongue-in-cheek cliche meant to illustrate the absurdity of pure materialism and remind us that merely acquiring “stuff” for the sake of having it isn’t likely the best use of our short time on this earth.

Nevertheless, we collect. And what we collect often ends up surprising even ourselves.

Take this Reddit thread for instance:

What do you own a ridiculous amount of? from AskReddit

What kinds of junk to people have in their trunks? Let’s find out.

1. Putting it together.

Nuts and bolts. Every time I get a new thing that needs assembled, I keep the leftovers “just in case”.

Now I have a ton of random, particular nuts and bolts with severely limited applications and I just can’t seem to throw them away.

– drydenmanwu

2. Over-stuffed.

Stuffed animals.

Childhood me had a problem.

– SakuOtaku

3. For the record.


About 2000 of them.

Back in the 1980’s all my friends gave me their records when they bought CD’s

– olafthebent

4. They oughta be useful?

Empty boxes from ordering stuff.

I’m taking them to recycling as soon as I decide I’m not gonna use them.

– Skuhlens

5. Way too heavy.


I’m never moving again.

– bubbygups

6. Sooooocks.

Socks. Socks. Socks.

I got socks for my socks’ socks.

– krispyboiz

7. How do you keep them all alive?


It’s hard to stop buying/trading or just propagating and making more.

– c8h1On4Otwo

8. Rock my world.


I have a rock collection (precious stones, fossils and other cool minerals)

When I tell you my room shines purple because of all my amethyst clusters and points I mean it.

– triggerhappycutie

9. Care for a cuppa?


I worked in a tea shop and was able to get an insane amount of loose leaf tea for free. I literally have a cupboard of nothing but different flavors of loose leaf teas.

Hundreds of dollars worth of tea for my own drinking pleasure.

I probably have close to 40 different flavors, all in their own happy little tins waiting for the day I think “Yes, a pure green tea sounds perfect today.”

– meow_witch

10. Take your pick.

Guitar picks.

But I own no guitars.

Go figure.

– snazmataz

11. So cool!

Bionicle sets.

They take up a good 1/2 of my personal storage space.

– Drakmanka

12. What is this, opposite day?

Chapstick and lip gloss.

No matter where I am, there’s always at least 10 somewhere around me

– morganalefaye125

13. They’re useless here too, we just still have them for some reason.


They’re useless here (Canada) so I have nearly $1,000 in pennies.

I collected them from banks when we stopped using them.

Hoping to make a penny floor with them once I find a house that I can see myself making into my forever home.

– LongDistanceSuks

14. Strum and hum.

Stringed instruments.

Ten guitars, two basses, two banjos, a mandolin and a few oddballs.

– faceeatingleopard

15. Oh, right.


So so so so so so much debt.

– MildlyAmusedLion

There’s no shame in collecting a few things that bring you joy.

Just don’t go overboard; nobody likes a hoarder.

What do you have way too much of?

Tell us in the comments.