You remember that agreement you made when you were a teenager? A lonely-hearts promise, or whatever?

The one that went like this:

People who made a marriage pact with someone like "If we’re both single by the time we’re 40, let’s get married" and went through with it, how did it go? from AskReddit

You’re probably suddenly remembering that you did this at some point and are likely getting flooded with feels.

Here’s how those feels manifest for some of the folks on Reddit:

1. I’ll drink to that.

My friend and I got drunk one night and said “if were single in 5 years let’s get married”.

5 years later we got married (dated for 2 years before that), just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and have a baby girl and an amazing life!

– PoisonAlii

2. When you just can’t wait.

When we were 25 one of my best friends and I decided that at 35 we’d get married if we were still single.

She moved back to the same town I lived in a year later and I realized I loved her too much to wait until 35.

Been together two years now, we’re getting married next week!

– ShredderTony

3. Guess he’s doing his due diligence?

My wife said she made this pact with a guy who took it seriously I guess.

We went to high school together so I know of him and he randomly calls 10 years later and asked my wife if she is still with me.

She said yes and He hung up and we haven’t heard since lol.

– Tw1987

4. Who are we foolin’?

My best friend growing up and I made this pact. We were 13-14 at the time. The pact was if we didn’t marry anyone by 30, we would marry each other.

A few years later, we moved it to 25. By the time we were 19-20 we started dating.

We got married at 22. Just celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

– PhildoSwaggins

5. Bittersweet endings.

In my early 20s, I would hook up with this chick here and there. We were actually pretty good friends, but we never really hung out outside of social groups. Which is a shame

She was fun as hell and we always kind of found ourselves in the corner ignoring the group. Anyways, we made a pact that if we weren’t in a relationship by 30, we would get married.

Turns out she got back with her ex.

It’s been 10 years, and she reminded me of our marriage pact. I had completely forgotten. We’re both married now, to other people.

We still talk here an there. And sometimes she tells me that she thinks we would’ve made a great couple, so I worry that she’s not too happy where she is.

I haven’t seen her in person in years.

– Mr_TheTank

6. Don’t think that’s legally binding, but wow.

When I was a sophomore, I made that exact pact with a woman who I was casually dating. She was a gorgeous, tall redhead with a tendency to be overdramatic. She was the first woman who I was ever obsessed with in my adult life. We actually wrote up the pact, signed it and got someone in our dorm to act as our witness.

Several years after graduation, I brought it up to her when we met for a drink and she said she’d never speak to me if I ever mentioned it again.

When I ran into her during a college reunion last year, I realized that I no longer had any feelings for her whatsoever, which was a pleasant surprise.

During the pandemic, I was going through some old papers and found the pact.

– carbonara_and_jazz

7. An unexpected turn.

My first serious boyfriend when I was 17 to 18, we broke up but remained good friends.

When I was around 20, we discussed that we would marry at 40 if we were still single.

All our friends routed for us ending up together, as we just vibed really well and were solid friends.

About five years later he got married, blocked me on everything, and never spoke to me again. So I think the pact is off. Lol.

– jperscrpers

8. Congratulations!

We’re married with a newborn!

When we were both 19 when we made a pact to marry each other at 35 if we’re both single.

We started dating at 24, married at 29, and now with a newborn at 31.

– tifamt

9. Living with regrets.

I did this with a friend when I was in my late teens/early twenties. We said we would get married at 30. She was gay. I was straight. I moved for university and we saw each other less and less and eventually drifted apart.

I don’t go back to my hometown very often, but the last I heard, about 8 or 9 years ago, she had become a nurse, found a husband and had a kid.

I’m 36 now and I don’t feel like I have grown up one iota and I haven’t had a relationship that has lasted longer than 3 months.

I try not to measure my life against the traditional metrics of marriage, money and kids, but I sometimes feel like I have done things very wrong.

– sleepyprojectionist

10. For…tax purposes, I guess?

I can only attest to the first part, but I still find it a funny story.

A friend of mine about 10 years ago, whilst in a group setting said something along the lines of ‘we should get married if we’re still both single when we’re 40, no 50, no 60, no 70.

And we’d have to live in separate houses.


Only 39 years to go I guess?

– rose636

11. Gotta be specific.

I’ve made a pact like this recently but I can’t remember what year we said we’d get together.

I said 30 but I remember she rebutted with something else but I seriously can’t remember 😰

– WannabeaViking

12. Whoops.

I turn 40 this weekend… and have been divorced from the person I made the pact with for 7 years.

– 39thWonder

13. So nice when everybody gets along.

We have a joke pact (35, I think?) and also an elaborate ridiculous story about being each others’ second spouse because of natural causes but also unnatural causes for some (like he marries his crazy as hell old flame, but I kill her somehow because she’s awful), and who has kids and yadda yadda. It’s a whole ridiculous thing by now (we’ve been bffs for 13+ years) and it only gets more ridiculous as time goes on.

My boyfriend (of 5 years) thinks it’s hilarious. The three of us have been on a vacation together, planning an international trip for when covid ends, etc.

I’m so thankful they get along so well!

– sunshineandsarcasm

14. If ya can’t take the heat…

I was 16 or 17 when a friend and I made the pact to marry by 30. I forgot that he was already well into his 20’s at the time and he contacted me when I was only 24 to ask about the pact.

He had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I just got into a serious one. I just celebrated my 5th anniversary with the same person but my friend and I still talk sometimes.

Turns out he has a bunch of health issues and is always in and out of the hospital. I think the main issue is his heart but I think it might be because he never really took care of himself when he was younger. He also has weird political views and even when things get heated we go out of our way to acknowledge that we have opposing opinions but we’re still friends.

– Xabrinamorph

15. That’s not how it works.

I’ve made a pact with two people and neither of them know.

– theimperfectdisaster

If I’m remembering right, I think I made this pact with like five different people. I’ve got a lot to go sort out…

Have you done something like this? What came of it?

Tell us in the comments.