Be honest – have you ever at least *considered* cheating on your partner? Or cheating WITH someone on THEIR partner? Probably.

And even if you didn’t go through with it, there’s gotta be a little corner of your mind that wonders what it would have been like.

Well, wonder no more, ’cause Reddit’s got stories.

People who had an affair while in a relationship, how did it begin, how did it end and what did you learn? from AskReddit

There are close to two thousands comments, and they’re…well, they’re a lot.

1.”I spent about a year seriously depressed.”

I was the one cheated on. We were engaged to be married (wedding would have been last weekend). She went away on an internship for the summer, came back, used me as a pack mule all day to help her move in, and then broke up with me. Found out she was dating the other guy about 3 months before she ended things with me.

I spent about a year seriously depressed and just wanting to give up. Things are much better now, and in about an hour, I will be going on my first date since 🙂

Wish me luck!

– master_andalf

2. “It was amazing.”

My husband and I were newlyweds, and he wouldn’t have s*x with me. After months and months of trying to figure out why, he finally told me that he just wasn’t attracted to my body.

It broke my heart. He said he married me knowing what I looked like naked, but hoping I would change (not possible or cool). I loved him with all of my being, so I joined a gym and got a personal trainer. After my sessions were over, he still wasn’t into my “physique.”

I then suffered awful depression and anxiety. None of my medications were helping, so I suggested smoking weed. He “forbid me” from doing that, but I did it anyways behind his back and it actually helped. I told him about it after 2 weeks of smoking, which led to his complete distrust and disrespect of me.

I confided in my dealer quite a bit (we knew each other from high school) and felt so beautiful in his eyes. We kissed one night, but I didn’t feel comfortable with cheating. Then one night, my husband stole and hid my pipe, refusing to give it back. We got into a yelling match, he accusing me of giving him no respect, and me responded with a “you don’t deserve it”. Then he hit me in the face, and I left.

I slept with my dealer, and it was amazing. I told husband about it, then after months of therapy, I left and divorced him.

– annerd3

3. “I got so sick with guilt.”

I cheated on a gf in college (with an old fling) when I thought we were breaking up, but later we fell even more in love. I got so sick with guilt and anxiety I had to tell her (which was even more selfish of me?) We tried to work it out and even got married but obviously things did not go as well after.

I’m almost 40 now and I still regret it and I still get anxiety about it sometimes.

Not worth it. At all.

– skintigh

4. “It’s not like you knew her personally.”

A lot of people meet people on Craigslist for affairs that end up being ongoing. My friend hooked up with a guy on Craigslist who turned out to be married with kids.

He got a BJ. the funny thing is he is a waiter at BJs. My friend told him (Chad was his name, in case his wife is a redditor) that she wants to stop because he feels bad for the wife, and his response was “why? It’s not like you know her personally”.

So I guess what my friend learned is that the world is full of people who won’t think twice about cheating on their wife.

– bogidyboy

5. “I was the other woman.”

I was the other woman. I ended up befriending him and his wife as a friend.

Her and I went to lunch one day and I spoke with her about open relationships and told her she should try to date other people outside of her marriage if she wasn’t happy.

She did. She left him a few months after I left him, both of us did so because he treated her poorly.

– ROBaddict

6. “It is hard now.”

My wife cheated on me about 4 years ago. I decided to stay with her and try and work things out. Four years later I still can’t let it go. Our relationship is good; I mean we don’t argue as much as we used to but every time something goes wrong or she changes her habits I always think she is cheating on me.

It is hard now to end the relationship because I said we would work through it and I truly believe she is not cheating anymore but I can not let go of this feeling. It drives me crazy almost everyday. If I had to make the decision again I would have ended the relationship when it happened. It just feels wrong to end it now when I know she is really trying.

Love really sucks sometimes.

– MindSwap2for1

7. “I absolutely got what I deserved.”

I was dating a girl in college and we had been together for almost a year. The first ten months or so were great but something within her switched. She became incredibly selfish, possessive, and rude. Not exactly the best combination of personality traits. I figured it was just a phase so I stuck it out for a little longer but I was starting to become miserable.

About that time, I met a very sweet and cute girl in one of my classes. She was way out of my league but she showed interest in me and we really clicked. I decided I was going to break up with my girlfriend and give it a try with New Girl. Unfortunately, my girlfriend ended up getting a horrible case of kidney stones which included several stays in the hospital.

I could not bring myself to break up with a bed-ridden girl who was in constant pain. So, I didn’t break up with her, I just started dating the New Girl. She had no idea that I had a girlfriend. I eventually broke up with my girlfriend, told the New Girl that I had a girlfriend all along and they both moved on.

I absolutely got what I deserved but I still wish things would have worked out with either one of them. They were both awesome girls. They’re both happy and in great relationships now and I’m single with no prospects. So it goes..

– SoWeBeatOn_

8. “And for what?”

I know he’s cheating on me. I trust my gut 100% on this. I still like him so much, though….. A part of me is angry and cold. Another wants to belive in the best.

It makes me sick, and want to cry. I show nothing but loyalty…. And for what? Nothing.

– [user deleted]

9. “She didn’t want to be a part.”

I was stuck in a relationship I hated, and I met the other girl in a club.

It was awesome initially because the new girl was everything the old girl wasn’t. She was passionate, fun, and spontaneous.

I couldn’t see a future with the old girl, and decided to end it with her. Yet I liked the new one too much to not tell her what I did, so I did.

She didn’t want to be a part of the emotional baggage, and we parted ways somewhat amicably.

– kanitempura

10. “My wife and I have rules for this sort of thing.”

Wife and I started hanging out with a couple casually. I had a pretty heavy thing for the other woman with classic love feelings. I’m not one to particularly care about lust, but this felt like a “The one” feeling. But I mostly passed it off as my own mind and ignored it.

Fast forward a couple months and we hang out with them a few more times, she winds up kissing me. She wasn’t married but had been with her man for a long time. She explains she felt the exact same way. She tries to have sex with me, but I don’t feel comfortable with that happening so quickly. Especially because my wife and I have rules for this sort of thing.

Now my wife is amazing so we have policies for this sort of thing happening. Seems silly to ruin years of love and respect because of an attraction to another person. She doesn’t mind that something like that happens so long as there is complete honesty, so I told her honestly. Apparently my wife had a similar sort of thing for the woman. Like that she felt a similar love feeling and floor dropping and all that. I say “hell we’ll give it a shot”.

I mention it to the other woman, thinking its if nothing else just a suggestion, and she could just pass it off and say “no thanks”. Instead, she decides I’m disgusting and not even worth talking to any more. Absolutely no future conversation with her is pleasant, because she thinks its horrible that my wife is okay with it.

Apparently she was extremely disturbed by some part of it. Perhaps because there were subtle intonations of a possible threesome and she was against that, or because it really is that disturbing that husbands and wives would be okay with each other doing those sorts of things. I don’t really know. It hurt pretty bad in a way. She said some pretty nasty things to us for being the way we were. Haven’t talked to her since.

Lesson learned though, just because it feels like some Disney magical feeling of floaty love, that doesn’t mean the person is necessarily right for you. Your body can make some pretty potent hormones.

– [user deleted]

I’m not sure what the big takeaway is from all of those. I guess it would be: cheating bad, don’t cheat?

Have you had an experience like this?

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