In case you missed it, or in case you’re reading this at a time when this happens to be old news that you’ve rightfully forgotten, here’s a quick little story about love’s labors lost.

Martin Shkreli became infamous when he jacked up the price of insulin for no reason but to make him and his Wallstreet bros a bunch of money. Disgusting and unconscionable, but because this is America, not illegal.

THEN we found out that he did a bunch of other stuff that WAS in fact very illegal. A woman with a prestigious journalism career started reporting on the ongoing stories. She found herself on his side. Then BY his side. And pretty soon, she’d given up both her job and her marriage to be with him.

Fast forward a bit, he goes to jail, publically says “Bye, felicia,” and she’s left holding the bag with absolutely nothing. So. In light of that…

Let’s be honest. A lot of us have stories like this. Probably not so extreme, and certainly not as publicized, but still. Here’s what it reminded the people of Twitter about.

1. Something about this doesn’t add up.

2. Oof, what a trip.

3. But it looks so romantic in the movies?

4. Talk about a leap of faith.

5. That’s insane.

6. But why would you regift the booze?

7. Praise be.

8. Cool guy!

9. I remember that age.

10. A professional job.

Before you judge any of these folks just remember, love makes us all a little crazy sometimes.

Do you have a story like this?

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