I come from a family of teachers. Both of my parents teach, my little sister teaches, I’ve even done it – though in a specialty class capacity, not as a career. I think it’s a pretty noble profession, and I appreciate anybody and everybody who can do it well.

But there’s no denying that there are WRONG ways to do it.

Enter this Reddit thread:

Why did that teacher get fired from your school? from AskReddit

Here are a few tips on how not to be that teacher, based on some of the top responses.

1. Don’t get involved with students. Just don’t.

I replaced one teacher.

She was young and pretty and was photographed kissing one of the seniors in the parking lot.

– teacherboymom3

2. Don’t get into teaching for the money.

She embezzled thousands of dollars from various club funds.

There were also rumors of her sleeping with students, but the administration never bothered to look into that.

– BesideRunningWaters

3. Don’t do…unrelated crimes.

Arrested by the FBI for credit card fraud.

It was a few months after the arrest when the reason why he disappeared came out in the open.

– fleshcoloredbanana


Dating a 16 year old student. He was the band teacher. He also had a wife and kid. He went to jail and is now a registered sex offender.

– sai_gunslinger

5. Don’t break up the band.

Our new band teacher was a young guy, fresh out of college. His first year teaching and he embezzled about a thousand dollars from the band’s funds.

He got arrested and his possible future career ruined for a thousand bucks.

– RepentantLeafyGreens

6. Don’t go on a power trip.

One of the elementary school teachers at the district I went to got arrested for making his class worship him like he was a cult leader.

He was totally bonkers.

– sandyandy12

7. Get help when you need it.

Students laughed she ate toothpaste.

Turns out she was an alcoholic trying to cover her breath.

– LowlyWorm1


Sending nudes to a student

– DragonHunter256

9. How many times we have to say it…

Geeky A/V teacher that everyone loved.

Knew he was a geek and owned it.

Caught in a predator sting trying to solicit underage girls.

The kicker was a spring school levy was coming up, local police conspired with the school district to hide the charges for 3 weeks until the levy was passed.

Someone substituted his class for 3 weeks.

Yea everyone was both devastated and pissed. The district ended the school year early.

– ra4332

10. Don’t work for heartless monsters, I guess is the takeaway from this one.

My math teacher was a volunteer first responder (in NY), she left school to help out during 9/11 and was fired for not showing back up for two weeks.

– Remerry

11. Don’t do…whatever this is.

He held a kid upside down by the legs


12. Don’t get sucked in.

He pushed some dumbass kid who hit him against a wall

– CleSunny

13. Don’t forget about the dating rules.

My AP chem teacher had an affair with the principal. Principal got fired too. I felt bad for her.

They didn’t do anything on school property, and it didn’t impact her performance in the classroom.

Also, the school wasn’t able to find a qualified teacher to replace her halfway through the year, so we were all f*cked come test time at the end of the year.

Not one of us passed that AP test.

– EndoShota

14. Don’t just leave.

I heard a rumor that my favorite teacher from 9th grade got fired when I was in 10th grade because he left his class unattended

– Masterclownfish

15. Don’t be any of these people.

One was such an unlikeable teacher they were asked to retire

One was watching p*rn in class

One sent someone else’s d*ck pics to a student’s mom

One robbed a bank

– GKnives

Just follow those guidelines and you’ll be all set. Oh, also, be good at teaching. That’s probably important.

Do you have a teacher being fired story?

Share it with us in the comments.