I’m just gonna say it: Romantic Comedies are the worst kind of movie.

They’re not good comedies (name one laugh-out-loud line or scene, I dare you) and their version of romance is…well…a problem.

And that’s not just me saying that. It’s Reddit:

What’s something that is romantic in movies but creepy in real life? from AskReddit

Here are just a few examples.

1. How’d you get in here?

Someone coming home and finding their entire apartment full of flowers when the sender obviously had no legal way to get in

– IWantTheLastSlice

2. The plot thickens.

Those elaborate plots that trick the other person into falling for you.

– MightyCaseyStruckOut

3. This would be a HUGE problem.

Stopping someone’s wedding and asking them to be with you.

Really? You couldn’t shoot your shot before the wedding?

It’s not a surprise event.

You’re really going to embarrass everyone involved and destroy their wedding day when you could have just showed up last Wednesday?

– Squirrel009

4. No means no.

Relentlessly pursuing an ex who clearly doesn’t want you back.

Sorry dude, leaving wine and roses in your ex girlfriend’s car while she’s at work isn’t cute, it’s super creepy and stalkerish.

– lizzyborden669

5. If your family acted like this, you’d leave.

When “couples” are fake dating and trying to convince their family, then the family forces them to kiss in front of everyone to prove their love.

No family would ever do this in real life, it’s f*cking weird.

Like please, make out in front of Nana and your Uncle Ken.

– Ouchpotato97

6. “Oops!”

Bumping into the same person over and over again

– LittleFoxyWoxy

7. Bro, it’s 3am.

Serenading them at their doorstep lmao

– PM-Me_HappyThoughts

8. Don’t break things.

Romantically throwing rocks at someone’s window to get their attention.

Bruh u better be ready to pay for insurance

– martigrxs

9. No. Bad.

Forced kisses to shut up.

My guy, she’s being emotional and trying to work through her feelings and all you do is claim her lips.


– Aunt_Gladys

10. That’s intimacy for ya.

When people talk like really close to each others faces, like 2 inches apart.

– Ashtronica2

11. Fairy tales, anyone?

Kissing someone who is asleep

– fierce82

12. Why would you do this?

Surprising your partner with massive financial decisions.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to weigh in before you buy me a car or even a f*cking house!

– friendlyarmada

13. This one’s highly relatable.

Not sharing the door you’re floating on in the middle of the freezing Atlantic Ocean after you survive the capsizing of the Titanic.

– spencermiddleton

14. Ok now they’re getting oddly specific.

Sending an ogre and a donkey to rescue them from a castle so you can force them to marry you so you can become a king to make up for your small stature.

– but_should_you

15. Still a better love story than…?

Extremely old vampires dating 16 year olds

– goldengoose246

So with that said, can we just be done with the genre? Who’s with me?

What would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.