Cooking isn’t easy for a lot of us. Even when we feel brave enough to try a new dish, it will often all go terribly wrong.

But I don’t think an attempt at dish-making could go much wrong-er than it did for one Twitter user in particular, who not only lost her food just after making it, but lost her dignity when the ENTIRE INTERNET decided to absolutely drag her about it.

Here’s what went down:

The incident

It all started when Twitter user @cheenadiable attempted to share the tragic tale of some dropped “mash potatoes.”

Understandably… Twitter had a field day after they saw all of that!

10. Something’s not right

The internet stirred from its slumber upon seeing the pic.

9. Ghosted

And that’s when the roasting began.

8. Gettin’ cooked

People started composing entire dissertations.

7. Moral philosophy

Some pondered the higher implications of it all.

6. Helpful advice

Others went with constructive criticism.

5. Compare and contrast

Well, this was inevitable.

4. What’s in a name?

Alternative titles for the dish were suggested.

3. Grammar check

Maybe that typo was for legal reasons?

2. Biblical proportions

The roasts just got bigger.

1. Acceptance

Luckily, she was a good sport about the whole thing.

To date there are an astonishing four thousand+ comments in the thread – it is truly one of the most impressive roasts the internet has ever devised.

What’s the biggest cooking fail you’ve ever done?

Tell us in the comments.