There is a THOROUGHLY 80’s song by an artist called Cherrelle called “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On.”

It’s been playing in my head over and over while I read through the responses to this huge thread on r/AskReddit:

What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on? from AskReddit

Among the tens of thousands of comments, a few responses from the ladies of Reddit came to the top, and they’re pretty interesting…

1. From zero to sixty real quick.

in a hotel room on a school trip with a bunch of my friends, we were of course talking about sex and kinks and sh*t, and it went a little something like this:

friend: OP, do you like to be choked?

me: i wouldn’t know.

friend: (throws me back on the bed and chokes me)

me: ]+}<<€|>]€~,]€!]€|+,?]?]!}!~?~*]+

– 27jm

2. It can happen fast.

Drive his car. I’ve never been into cars, or particularly into “car guys,” but I looked over at him since we were talking and we were going pretty fast and I dunno…

My body wasn’t ready to look at my friend driving his fast car I guess!

– spacemom4

3. Backs are quite the zone, I guess?

This one girl started tickling me. When I started tickling her back, she started to moan and said she was sensitive there.

Awkward drive home.

– Another_Road

4. Speak soft nothings to me.

When he whispers into my ear, even though sometimes it’s just something silly and not sexy….

– eveveve99

5. Is this why they called it “parking?”

He was driving and I was riding shotgun.

He had to reverse to parallel park and turned his torso towards me, putting his arm around my seat in order to look back.

He did that so confidently and effortlessly that it made me feel a little funny.

– CommercialImpressive

6. Well, that’s certainly firm.

A close friend from uni pulled my pony tail firmly enough to get my attention because I didn’t hear him call me.

Had to catch my breath after that.

We’re married now.

– mangoong13

7. Well, that doesn’t suck.

I offered him a sip of my drink and he made intense eye contact with me as he slowly put the straw in his mouth and took a nice long sip.

I found it kinda weird to be turned on so much by him sucking on a straw since I don’t have a d*ck. We’ve been dating for over two years now.

– AngeryBananaMama

8. Caring is very engaging.

A colleague friend took care of my wounded knee during work. We were alone in the canteen and he was very sweet and caring.

Guess I’m not used to that.

– mangoisdope

9. Show ’em your strength.

He jumped up, grabbed a fire escape ladder, pulled himself up and climbed all the way to the top. Just oh dear..

That’s how i learned i have a thing for people climbing/pulling themselves up.

– BouncyEnergy

10. Suuuure he didn’t…

He and I were watching a movie, when he gave me a hug. While hugging me he gently ran his hands up and down my back. He didn’t mean anything sexual with it. I on the other hand have a very sensitive back and was severely turned on by it.

The next day he made fun of me for being “ticklish”. I then admitted to the truth about that. Needless to say he did it again later.

We’ve been dating for over a year now c: getting close to 2

– jenreneh

11. It’s the little things.

Multiple things.

First in a party he danced with me and lifted me in the air (I’m not thin and not many people tried this with me). Then on a trip we made with friends, his cousin made a “tent” using sheets and a bunk bed. We went inside to read manga on his phone. He put his arms around me so we both could see the screen.

Before anyone asks, he wasn’t into me back then, but now we’ve been together for nearly 4 years.

– LolaNightshade

12. Sexy code switching.

When he flicked between languages whilst talking on the phone with his mother and then asking me to pass him his wallet.

I knew people could switch it on and off like that but I’ve never seen the flow quite as effortlessly.

– ongoingcrisis97

13. Listen to your heart…

I have a voice kink, I specifically like very deep voices and certain accents.

Playing D&D with my best friends can be very confusing for my vagina.

– wickedwix

14. To each their own.

Pulled the collar of his shirt and leaned his head to the other side because he wanted to scratch his neck.

Idk, I probably have some fetish for collar bones and necks lmao

– Mefari

15. Let’s get to work.

he was walking and folding his sleeves the same time and I was looking at him because it was such a simple thing, but DAMN I couldn’t work the entire day (I had to call a friend to calm down). Lol

– irawatip

Men of the world, take heart. You never know when some little thing you do might just be getting making someone’s day.

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