The dating scene is weird, but for all the weirdness, there’s always that ONE bit of weird that really stands out.

Like this story from a guy on Reddit:

Whats the worst thing you have done/said on a first date? from AskReddit

But he’s not alone in describing this type of disaster.

There were thousands of comments with similar stories, here are a few of the highlights from women in particular:

1. Hot times.

Went to this bakery with a guy, proceeded to talk about something dumb my father did to embarrass me, find out his father shot himself when he was 9. Oh.

Moves on to some other acceptable topic, everything going well, knock over extremely hot coffee on his crotch, apologize profusely, guy sticks it out, smiles, date continues, food finally arrives, shove pastry into his mouth so he can try it, guy begins to have allergic reaction, can’t find EpiPen, we go to hospital.

The end.

– [deleted user]

2. Up high!

I asked a guy out, yay me! He was too socially awkward to do it, I gathered my imaginary testicles and did it myself.

We got drunk on this date (well, he did, because he tried to keep up with me. rookie error.) and missed his bus. I said he could sleep in my room. Said he could sleep in my bed. Sevreral times. He took the floor. He said he wanted to be gentlemanly.

I said I was turning off the light. He said, ‘no, wait, I want to say goodnight!’ F*cking finally, I might at least get a kiss from the guy I’d been staring creepily at for 7 months.

He said ‘goodnight’ and offered his hand. For a high five. He actually gave me a high five when I told he could have sex.

So this story was not what I did, but what he did, and now my friends high five me everytime I leave the room.

– Melivora

3. Good in theory?

A good friend of mine took her music theory homework with her on a date to Red Lobster.

As a poor college student, that’s a pretty nice date. I felt bad for the poor guy.

– ladyderpcherry

4. Animal instincts.

Blind date. (Never again.)

We went for a romantic walk by the park. We saw a small raccoon. He screams like a prepubescent boy and it hisses at him as it calmly walks away from him.

I comfort him, giggle and call him silly-buns and in the middle of my explanation about city animals and how to deal with them, he turns around suddenly and yells, “You hurt my pride and you’re using words I don’t understand to explain something I don’t f*cking care about. I’m gone.”

Apparently I’m too knowledgeable?

– katrinagoeskaboom

5. Big problems.

Went on a date with someone from a dating site. The guy insists we go for drinks, and apparently I had too many drinks.

I start talking about my ex’s package and how I expect no less from the next guy… he went to the bathroom, not sure what happened he never came back.

– i_like_it_deep

6. True love waits.

First date with this incredibly hot guy, he grabs my hand, looks deep into my eyes and says “I just wanted to let you know that I am a virgin and it will stay that way until we are married.”

– mofowoman

7. Drama kings.

We have a fairly pleasant coffee session, chatting, whatnot. He asks if I can drop him off at the train after.

The moment he gets into my car, he breaks down sobbing. He tells me his father was a drug addict and was dying in the hospital. He claimed he was entitled to a HUGE amount of life insurance when he died. He then told me he loved me and offered to pay for my college with his life insurance money because it was ‘blood money’ and he didn’t want it.

I was very young and very flustered and he was very pushy so we went out again. He was definitely lying about all of it and was batsh*t crazy.

I still remember the way he smelled, not bad, but it was this cloyingly sweet perfume; I want to throw up whenever I get a whiff of something like it now.

– judgmental_duck

8. Two in the bush.

In high school I went on a first date, and he was driving. While riding in the car I was talking about how the lilacs were in bloom and how they were my favorite.

Just then he decides to pull the car up next to a bush of them and roll down the window so I could pick one.

Except he sort of revved the engine and ran into the bush, but he had already rolled down my window.

When I looked at him my face was full of blood and deep scratches from all of the branches.

– 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21

9. Second chances?

Not me but my father was really stoned in high school when he went out with my mom to a party and according to the story he fell asleep while kissing her.

Apparently she was p*ssed but he convinced her for a second chance and many years later I was born.

– ProfessorOfWizology

10. Status update.

I asked him, word for word: “does this mean I can change my status on Facebook now?”

That said, we’ve been dating for 4 months.

– assidental_sodomy

11. That’s my mama.

A guy I went on a first and last date with told me his mom was still a good looking lady, and proceeded to SHOW ME A PICTURE OF HER on his phone.

I’m turned off by mamma’s boys to begin with.

– THeAnvil2

12. Pocket dial.

Drank too much, fell on my *ss as we were walking out of the bar, told him to leave me there to die.

I didn’t realize I had my iphone in my back pocket when I fell until we were half way to my house, proceeded to cry about it.

We still dated for a few months.

– bbzzzz

13. Way too far.

We have some drinks, everything’s fine, he suggests we go to a park. Says it’s only a few blocks away and we’re on a pretty well-lit street in an area of town that I wasn’t very familiar at the time.

Turns out the park is a couple blocks (and more like ten) through a NEIGHBORHOOD, with very minimal lighting. So sirens go off.

Then he starts “joking” about how he’s glad I wanted to go because now he can have his way with me, he’s going to r*pe me, he’s going to slit my throat. I repeatedly tell him not cool, he says he’ll stop.

At one point he makes a fake phone call to a friend and says, “The deal is off… Yeah, she’s onto me.” A number of times I tried to turn around but he wouldn’t let me.

Kept telling me how women in France think that kind of thing is funny (he was French, by the way), why don’t you have a sense of humor?


– slingbladerunner

14. Oops.

Talked about my boyfriend.

In my defense, I didn’t realize that I was on a date.

– [user deleted]

15. Sweet dreams!

“wait a minute, this is imaginary..”

and then i woke up

– spudmcnally

Man, I sure hope there are no ladies out there telling horror stories about their dates with me.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Tell us in the comments.