I’ve had a lot of women in my life tell me that they envy the male experience. Sometimes I understand it, sometimes I don’t.

To help me get a clearer picture of what that’s all about, I delved into this thread on Reddit:

What do you envy about the opposite sex? from AskReddit

I’ve picked through some of the top responses specifically from women, about men.

Let’s see what they have to say.

1. Get it done.

Just sheer strength.

Opening a jar? Easy.

Lifting this heavy misplaced thing? Wham, bam, done.

Oh? Gotta dig a hole? Lemme just use my bare hands because I gotta put all this testosterone to use!

– MercurysNova

2. Is this your number one reason?

Peeing on the side of the road/in the forest without crouching and trying to avoid your pants/shoes

– BebeBarber

3. Shirt happens.

Men get actually functional jumpers that have sensible necklines and can put a t-shirt underneath.

And shirts that actually cover their lower back when they sit down.

– shortyninja

4. Weight loss woes.

I lost 40lbs and my boobs are gone 🙁

– AReallyShortGuy

5. To top it off…

Not having boobs and therefore not having to account for them in clothing choices.

I mean, small breasts are fine I guess, but once they have a certain size, you’re screwed. Most fitted clothes are designed for people with smaller breasts and won’t fit you properly. Clothes fit you everywhere except for your chest and the ones that do fit your chest are too loose everywhere else, hang down from your breasts and make you look twice as wide as you are. If you do find something that fits you, people will shame you and call you a slut for “showing off” your breasts.

Well, sorry, for wearing a shirt that’s my actual size and is not even low-cut or anything, instead of hiding inside a sweater that is three sizes too big. Also, the astronomical cost of bras and the struggle of having breasts that are not perfectly firm and perky.

Also, men can go topless. F**k breasts

– Then_life_happened

6. No, thanks.

Men generally don’t have to feel obligated to attend baby and bridal showers.

I envy that.

– encantalasmontaas

7. Having the choice.

That they’re not necessarily expected to have children.

As a woman, people get shocked when i say i don’t want kids. Apparantly it’s “a part of the gift that comes with being a woman”.

Also, i have endometriosis and couldn’t ever dream of being pain free because of it.

– vickuspickus

8. The workplace sucks.

Being taken more seriously and seen as competent at work.

Worked as an engineer for many years and having people regularly assume you don’t know anything is soul crushing more than it is funny. I didn’t spent 10 years studying this sh*t just so you could ignore me in meetings and direct all the attention to my colleague who doesn’t know sh*t just because he is a man and I ‘must be the secretary’.

Now work in another field where there is less of a gender disparity, but I’m still a bit sad that I wasted so much time on engineering.

– spinstercore4life

9. Bein’ rowdy.

The “boys

Girls are different… I just want to break in an abandoned house, steal a road sign, wrestle with each other… :

– _toasted_toast_

10. Feeling safe.

Id love to go on a walk alone at night and just enjoy the night air.

– throwaway37157941313

11. Being left alone.

That they rarely, if ever, get called pet names like “sweetheart” and “darling” by strange men… Or told they’d be prettier if they smiled

– VonAshley

12. Time.

Being allowed to age.

– Edrina

13. The smooth transition.

Being able to wear shorts without having to shave/wax their legs first.

God damn it, I hate waxing my legs, but in summer it becomes an absolute necessity.

– FauxPoesFoes228

14. Store it away.

they have functional pockets

– hygge12

15. And finally?

No periods, free to grow body hair, prostates.

– nat_thenatty

Honestly, I get a lot of that. I don’t envy ya’ll. But I definitely appreciate ya.

What do you envy about the opposite sex?

Tell us in the comments.